Million Dollar Launchpad

A word from Christopher Howard
CEO/The Academy of Wealth and Achievement
CEO/The Million Dollar Mastermind

If there was one dynamic step that I could point to that has helped me more than anything else to have done close to100,000 million dollars in global sales of my products and services in the personal and professional development field, it would be the ferocious and never-ending accumulation of best practices both in front of as well as “behind the curtains” of the best of the top industry leaders in the world.

It’s been my experience that you can be incredible at your craft or really have value for the world, but if you don’t know how to sell, market, build a business, fund your dream etc., then you’ll always struggle to survive “living your dream.”

On the other hand, I’ve seen people with very little talent, very little training and lacking any substance to their message – with the right strategies and business formulas become wildly popular, multi-million dollar world-wide sensations.

Yes.  It’s completely about your entrepreneurial ability to run a high-performance speaking business. And that’s what this 5- week program is all about.

The Million Dollar Speakers Launch Pad is going to teach you how to easily and quickly build your own celebrated, thriving, top-dollar, speaking empire.  And you get to learn directly from me right in the comfort of your home.

Delivered through a series of 5 – 1 ½ Hour Live Web Learning Modules once a week.  And two 1 ½ Hour Live Question and Answer sessions every other week, I’ll personally be sharing with you the insider secrets that will put you closest to the cash in your business – and will keep you there as you create spectacular growth!

The Secrets To Creating a Turbo-Charged Game Plan so Potent That Even the Biggest Competitors Will Wonder How to Deal with: YOU – the Hottest Thing in Town!!

 Here’s what you’ll discover in this learning module…

The little known secret to understanding market research that even beginners can start using right away

  • 4 fundamentals principles to having a scientifically-designed business model
  • The biggest mistake 95% of business owners make that stops them from being able to make Cash Fast
  • How to analyze your industry to create a 21st century navigation system  that can increase your chances for success 10 times over
  • The #1 way to entice your investors and team members to want to be a part of your dream before they even hear your vision
  • Discover the most powerful business models that have created the greatest fortunes of all time and have built the financial foundations under Wealthy Rock star Tycoons like Richard Branson and then apply them to your own speaking empire for pulse-pounding growth
  • The 5 biggest mistakes speakers, trainers and experts make that keep them from making high-end revenue

How to go from zero to hero in the speaking industry and develop your expertize in
one simple, easy-to-follow, step

How To Create a Corporate Culture of Super-High Performance That Instantly Transforms Your Business into Your Own Limitless Cash-Machine”

“Elemental and Mesmerizing Hypnotic Leadership Strategies that Can Unleash the Raw Power of Thousands of People Conspiring For Your Success!”

Here’s what you’ll discover in this learning module…

  • The “perfect” way of finding and aligning your team that can rocket your business to the stratosphere
  • Discover why 99% of people do NOT even build a team greater than themselves and never actualize even a fraction of their true potential
  • The 3 critical drivers when building your speaking/expert empire which determine 90% of your results
  • The Most Important Words to Use to get people salivating about your Ultimate Vision
  • 2 bleeding-edge must-have tools that are the essential ingredients in directing the behaviors of other people
  • How to own the predominant space in the minds of those you communicate with so that you can build powerful strategic alliances
  • 3 Killer strategies to orchestrate tipping points in your business where the flood-gates fly wide open and you’re rewarded tremendously by using accelerators such as mass influence
  • How to build a powerful personal magnetism that will draw in people and resources like iron filings to a magnet
  • The powerful, little known technique of emotional flooding and how it can multiply your sales 10 fold


“The 3 Step Road-Map to Managing Your Time Like a Millionaire That Will Make You Wonder How you Ever Survived Without it, Giving You the Ultimate Competitive Edge”

Here’s what you’ll discover in this learning module…

  • Discover how to use your time in the most effective and efficient way to get the results you want
  • Discover how good copy can influence your clients to buy from you
  • The greatest reason your audience is not buying from you instantly
  • The key question you want to ask yourself before you sell your first product
  • A quick and dirty way to building a list that responds to you
  • How to get your prospects to say, “Wow, he’s reading my mind!” every time
  • The crucial strategy you need to create mesmerizing copy on everything and get even your business cards sending your a flood of business
  • The simple 3 step blueprint to getting a mistrusting audience to know, like, trust AND buy from you over and over again
  • A surefire way to reuse your same sales copy over and over again and get amazing results every time
  • The easy-to-follow technique that will get your products zooming past the rest with a few tweaks to your sales copy
  • The #1 way your clients can know what to expect from you and trust your sales copy again and again

“Insider Secrets to Funding Your Dreams and The Game-Changing Step That You Can Take Immediately To Magically Find Yourself Outclassing All The Competition.”

How to Map Out Your Future With Such Certainty and Sell it So Irresistibly That Investors Say, ‘I’d Be Stupid Not to Give You Money’”


Finally! The Little-Known Secret, Used by The Richest People on Earth For How to Consistently Create Money From Nowhere So That You Can Invest Powerfully in Your Wildest Visions and Intentions and Swiftly Turn them into Real World Results”

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