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Explosive Growth Coaching And Mentoring With Chris Howard

Are You Ready To Step Up And Make The Changes You Need To Make, To Create The Life Of Your Dreams ?

Are You Ready To Make A Change In Your Life ?

For the past 20 years I’ve been coaching and mentoring people world wide helping them to create explosive growth in their businesses and lives. 

As time went on my time became more and more expensive because of the opportunity cost of building our businesses with the idea of creating world-wide wealth through educational and entrepreneurial means. My hourly rates raised to as much as $10,000 an hour – but I’ve endeavored to make coaching more and more accessible for many more people.

I’ve also made monthly payments possible and given a huge discount if you pay in full.

I’ve been blessed to have coached and mentored hundreds of thousands of people over the years, and I have had the grand opportunity to participate the success of many of my closer clients.

For example, Calvin Coyles was a 22 year old fresh out of University, who knew that he was well studied from a school perspective but lacked the business systems and models. Calvin had a goal of doing $100,000 in his first year in business. After entering into a coaching and mentoring relationship with our companies he created a training company by following the the methodologies and principles exactly. Calvin did $100,000 within his first 3 months of operations, and $800,000 his first year in business; all while running his business in exotic locations and loving life to the max! I asked him HOW he did it and he responded “I just did everything you said.”

Are those the kind of Breakthrough’s YOU’RE looking for? 

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About Chris

Chris Howard has achieved extraordinary success as a Best-Selling Author / Social Entrepreneur / Host and Life-Style and Wealth Strategist in a career spanning over two decades. Chris’ passions are travel and martial arts, and life-long mission has been to create worldwide wealth through education and entrepreneurial means.

Chris Howard – The Best Selling Author & Social Entrepreneur Chris is the author of two number one best-selling books, which capture the essence of his original philosophies: Turning Passions into Profits, which he released in 2001 and Instant Wealth -Wake Up Rich!

Discover The Secret of The New Entrepreneurial Mind released in 2008, both of which were published by Wiley and Sons. On the entrepreneurial side, his seminars and products have generated well over 100 million dollars in sales globally. He has personally done a million dollar sales in a single day, over and over and over again (an accomplishment which is only held by a handful of the very top 1% of speakers in the personal and professional development industry.

Join us for the Coaching and Mentoring program!

1-2 Group Coaching Call Per Week

Imagine getting access to me personally, a trusted advisor, there ready to help you and your business succeed.

Minimum of 4 Hours Every Single Month

The important aspect for me as a coach, is how many 'touch points' you get with me. You get 4 calls every single month, meaning I'm here during our coaching sessions to help you.

Hosted By Chris Howard Himself and His Elite Coaches

I love getting involved and helping people grow their business and make it even more successful. That's why on every single coaching call, it's me you get, not anybody else.

This program is a group coaching program designed to help YOU attain explosive growth in your business and life – based on the principles that I’ve developed and researched over these two decades. 

The coaching program consists of one LIVE call in a group format a week with me personally. In most coaching programs you do not work directly with the leader themselves but rather with coaches with oftentimes a minimal amount of training teaching principles passed down through “Chinese Whispers.” The students who have trained with me will attest that the value is 10 times more than the $4.800 tuition. 

So when you enroll, you will join us for the full years coaching with one LIVE call a week with me for a dramatically reduced tuition – which will allow you to rocket yourself forward to greater heights of achievement and success while tapping into greater depths of fulfillment and an even more expansive quality of life.


12 Month Payment Plan (Total $2,400)
$ 500
/ MO
  • Auto Renew in 12 months time on a month by month basis
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • Accessible For All


Discounted price if Paid In Full
$ 4800
  • 12 months contract
  • Cheapest Option
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