Hello, Chris Howard here.

I hope that this message finds you happy, healthy, and managing this time of transition with power and indomitable spirit.

I’m sending my best wishes in regards to the health of you and your loved ones. I also wanted to answer the questions that are beginning to come in about upcoming Mind Coach Certification Weekend training, as well as let you know what we are doing at Christopher Howard Training in order to best serve during this time of challenge.

I will be sending other messages with our plan that we will be rolling out to best support the overall situation and people in this time of need, but in the lead up to that here is what is happening on the training front.

We have two weekend Mind Coach Certification dates that need to be postponed which include the course that you are currently enrolled in.

Mind Coach Certification Live April 17-19 New York

Mind Coach Certification Live April 24-26 Los Angeles

The dates that we will move these trainings to are still being determined and more information will be provided about your trainings as they approach, and keep an eye out for other special announcements in order to best serve you and to help you rise to the greatest of your potential at this time!

In the meantime if you made a donation for the program or you had a paid enrollment that included the online 20 videos of Transformational Hypnosis you have full access to that program and the training materials on your web portal at www.chrishowardacademy.comMake sure to study those materials and go through that course. You sign on to the platform with the same email you used to enroll. If you don’t know your password you can simply do a password reset.

Warren Buffett has said that if you were committed to increasing your value by 50% or more over the next year the greatest thing you could do would be to invest in yourself. And in times of crisis it’s the time to invest more than ever before. It’s the seeds you sow now that will reap the harvest as the seasons change.

So make sure to use this time to study and invest your time in becoming as powerful as you can possibly be.

Your ultimate success will be determined by your level of preparation when your opportunities arise.

Make sure to profit from this time and study study study, come out of this in a much more powerful place than you went in.

Remember that what may appear as the end of the world to the caterpillar is what appears to the rest of the world as a butterfly!

Wishing you enormous success!

Much love and prosperity!

Chris Howard | CEO | Christopher Howard Training

Dear Christopher Howard Training Families and Friends,

We do hope that you are staying safe and healthy during these challenging and unprecedented times.

It has now been nearly 5 months since we were required to shift from in-person instruction and training due to Covid-19. Thanks to modern technology, we quickly shifted much of our curriculum to virtual delivery over Zoom.

Many of our trainings have always had both a multi-media and live portion to them.  So additionally we extended your ability to attend the live portion of your trainings for up to 3 years rather than the normal 2 years time frame.

And we’ve looked to enhance your training experience by giving you the opportunity to do BOTH the Zoom trainings as well as repeat those courses in the live in-person format as soon as the various locations permit for live groups once again.

While the pandemic has been very difficult for a lot of people I’m proud to say that we delivered a very powerful training experience over our summer trainings with a great group of participants.

We are truly grateful for the groups of clients and students who join us every week for virtual training and coaching.  And we feel blessed to be able to help you to utilize this time in a way that puts you in a powerful position to take advantage of the enormous amount of opportunities that are both present because of this SHIFT as well as the opportunities that will be presented when the floodgates are thrown wide for the reopening world.  The most important thing is for you to be PREPARED for the opportunities when they are presented… and hence the importance of TRAINING.

At the core, our mission is to provide a safe, fun and rewarding experience for our students and staff. We believe that we have been true to this mission throughout the pandemic.

We have been impatiently waiting for an idea of when things might open up again, but it has become more and more evident by the day that this may not be until the beginning of the new year.

So with our mutual health and best training experiences in mind, it becomes necessary to announce that we will remain virtual for a few of our upcoming training opportunities that are in the calendar for the next 3 months. We all want to be together again. We all want to see our friends and colleagues, to collaborate, to high-five after a group exercise. However, current Covid-19 numbers in the Los Angeles  and New York areas simply do not support being in person at this time. Schools are closed. Venues are closed. So many places have been shuttered to slow the spread of Covid-19.

To date, I can say with confidence that we have done our part to keep our students and staff safe as we have remained 100% virtual. Operating guidelines from health and government authorities for our business are, at best, unclear. We do see a path to live in-person trainings once again and I have positive expectations for the reopening of our country as we move in to 2021. That said, we prefer to wait for Los Angeles and New York Covid-19 numbers to improve. We remain confident that we will emerge from this even more powerfully in our live-in person format when the time is right.

In order to ensure that we have sufficient numbers in the trainings to hold them successfully with Zoom groups we are combining all territories into a singular training which means that if you are currently enrolled in the Results, Masters or Speakers Certifications that you’ll have people in your training from L.A., N.Y. and Australia!

As always, you do have the option of simply attending any live trainings you are enrolled in 2021 or the following years.

But if you would like to do those being offered both on live Zoom in 2020 and then re-attend live in person in 2021 we’d love to have you join the party and get twice the learning!

Here is the Latest Upcoming Training Schedule through November:

Transformational Speaker Certification September 1-8 (Training hours 2pm-8pm PST in L.A. 5pm-11pm in N.Y.)

NLP Results Certification – October 4-8 (Training hours 2pm-8pm PST in L.A. 5pm-11pm in N.Y.)

NLP Master Results Certification – October 11-15 (Training hours 2pm-8pm PST in L.A. 5pm-11pm in N.Y.)

Professional Speaker Certification Training 2021

Billionaire Bootcamp 2021

Millionaire Business Accelerator 2021

If you have any questions or require assistance you can reach out to us at support@chrishoward.com

To Your Success,

Chris Howard


Christopher Howard Training


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