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Chris Howard

Become certified in TransFormational Hypnosis in just one weekend!!!!


Start date: November 08, 2019

End date: November 10, 2019

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Join us for the Transformational Hypnosis Certification Seminar!

This program is Transformational Hypnosis Certification training designed to take your foundational hypnosis and coaching skills to the highest level - based on the principles that I've developed and researched over these two decades.

My transformational certification courses are typically priced at *$4,997 per training and require 5-7 days live in person, in the United States, to complete. Right now for this extraordinary offer you have the opportunity to train with me and to be certified directly from the person who built the largest NLP and Hypnosis training company on the planet, and to do it at a fraction of the cost. In most coaching programs you do not work directly with the leader themselves but rather with coaches who oftentimes have a minimal amount of training teaching principles passed down through "Chinese Whispers."

Here’s 8 of the amazing program segments you’ll get in my transformation celebration package for you:

  • You’ll receive my “Eight-Step model for Transformational Hypnosis” ($697 Value)
    You’ll receive my “Hypnotic System for Pain Control” ($497 Value)
  • You’ll receive my “SELF Hypnosis Model For Ultimate Personal Transformation” ($497 Value)
  • You’ll receive my “Secrets of Hypnotic Stage Shows Revealed” ($497 Value)
  • You’ll receive my “Marketing Mastery System – For Getting up and Running FAST” ($397 Value)
  • You’ll receive my entire “Demonstration Series, including Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Pain Control” ($497 Value)
  • You’ll receive my “Foundations of Hypnosis and The Unconscious” ($397 Value)
  • You’ll receive my entire “Rapid Induction Immersion Training” ($497 Value)
  • Plus a fully downloadable manual to accompany you for the training ($150 Value)


November 8-10, 2019 | Hilton, LAX

To celebrate the last time this class will be taught EVER in this format: FIRST 100 TO REGISTER WILL GET 2 TICKETS (1 for you and a friend) ABSOLUTELY FREE! $4997 Value

$4997  FREE!!!!!!!

November 8-10, 2019 | Hilton, LAX



**Guaranteed VIP Seating at the TRANSFORMATIONAL HYPNOSIS SEMINAR w/ Chris Howard

**A special GOLD and PLATINUM cocktail party on Saturday night at 7:30 pm with Chris Howard and the team 

$5997  $97               

November 8-10, 2019 | Hilton, LAX



**Guaranteed VIP Seating at the TRANSFORMATIONAL HYPNOSIS SEMINAR w/ Chris Howard

**A special GOLD and PLATINUM cocktail party on Saturday night at 7:30 pm with Chris Howard and the team

$6997  $197            

About Chris

For the past 20 years I’ve been coaching and mentoring people world wide helping them to master tools for accelerating human transformation. I got started in the field of personal and professional development teaching clinical hypnosis throughout North America.  I dove into hypnosis as a modality because one of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was this: 

 “Become certified in hypnosis as it’s a modality that can launch your career as a coach, consultant, speaker, thought leader and agent of transformation and you can add to your skills from there.”

It was with that foundation that I was able to build an entire career path, and eventually grow to the point where I was speaking to thousands every weekend, and facilitating transformation at world class levels. As time went on my time became more and more expensive because of the opportunity cost of building our businesses with the idea of creating world-wide wealth through educational and entrepreneurial means. My hourly rates raised to as much as $10,000 an hour – but I’ve endeavored to make training more and more accessible.

Additionally, I’ve been blessed to have trained all over the world, and as my time became more and more in demand it became increasingly difficult to be in all places at once. IN that spirit I am officially launching a FLASH SALE for a once in a life time opportunity to become certified from wherever you are in the world, directly from me in Transformational Hypnosis.

I’ve been blessed to have coached and mentored hundreds of thousands of people over the years, and I have had the grand opportunity to participate the success of many of my closer clients.

Calvin Coyles was a 22 year old fresh out of University, who knew that he was well studied from a school perspective but lacked the specific tools of transformational coaching. Calvin had a goal of doing $100,000 in his first year in business. After training with my companies, and becoming certified in hypnosis and the tools for transformation, Calvin created a training company by following the the methodologies and principles exactly. Calvin did $100,000 within his first 3 months of operations, and $800,000 his first year in business; all while running his business in exotic locations and loving life to the max! I asked him HOW he did it and he responded “I just did everything you said.”

Are those the kind of Breakthroughs YOU'RE looking for?


The First 100 To Register Get FREE Tickets!!! 

$4997 value


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